About Josh

About Josh

Josh is a Qualified Builder who completed a traditional, hands on apprenticeship with an old school builder 10 years ago.

After many years in the industry he took a year off to build his own home.

The section he kept coming back to had sat empty for years due to it having a few complex issues. Josh labelled it "the section nobody wanted" and set about not only solving all the problems but using it as a showcase of how to tackle a tricky site.

At the same time Josh had taken on a "20 day Vlog challenge" with his good friend. The goal was to film something, anything, going on in your life that day and post it on youtube. The vlog continued long after the 20 day challenge and naturally gravitated towards a building industry focus. NZ Builder was born.

The Vlog was the perfect collision of Josh's building experience, love for making videos and his innate ability to explain complex building terms to anybody.

Thanks for checking out the page, watching the videos and being a part of the journey

Whilst building his own home josh started documenting the process in the form of videos for close friends and family. This is where NZ Builder was born. since then Josh has made almost 200 videos primarliey based around building and running a building company. His aim is to both educate and entertain as he gives his audience a peek behind the curtains of the building industry.