We think that's important to give back. So we have decided that all proceeds from the merch sales will be donated to a charity called Mates in Construction.

Mates in Construction has three key focus areas to work towards their vision of significantly improving mental wellness and reducing suicide in the construction industry:

1. To advance mental health and social services in New Zealand by promoting the prevention and control of mental illness for people engaged in the construction industry. We do this through: Raising awareness of mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention in the workplace. Reducing the stigma around mental health in the workplace. Providing a learning experience that grows knowledge of help seeking behaviours and how to help. To bring together the NZ construction industry to recognize and adopt our uara (values).

2. Providing leadership for our people to gain better access to mental health services. We do this through: Connecting workers to the best available help and support. Ensuring help is offered that is practical, professional and appropriate. Advocating to improve the services available the construction industry, for more affordable healthcare for our workers. Ensuring language, culture and identity are acknowledged in everything that we do.

3. Building a stronger more resilient workforce. We do this through: Partnering with researchers to inform industry around mental health best practice. Promoting community enablement and a suicide prevention continuum. Enabling our people to grow their capability and access to support to a develop healthier and more sustainable future.

For more information check out there website here